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Levenbach Advocaten

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Levenbach Advocaten is a fast-growing law firm located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our firm focuses mainly on general corporate and commercial law, with an emphasis on contract and labour law. We also have a team of specialists for insolvency law.

We believe it is essential to have a direct and open relationship with our clients. To be able to guarantee decisive action, we feel that it is extremely important to keep the lines of communication both internally and externally as short as possible. Our lawyers use a quick and targeted approach to our clients´ legal matters and each individual case is handled by a specialist lawyer. Our strength lies not only in experience and expertise, but also in the fact that we enjoy each new challenge and make it our business to complete the assignment to the tiniest detail.

Specialist areas

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are extremely important times in the existence of any company or organisation. Many facets need to be addressed in order to achieve success, such as financial and legal aspects as well as staff issues and possible clashing corporate cultures.

That is why it is of great importance to have a specialist legal advisor in a jurisdiction who knows the tricks of the trade and whom you can trust fully with your legal business. Our firm has a wealth of experience in the so-called transactions practice. We advise and assist large as well as small companies, operating both nationally and internationally, from the first meeting to actual negotiations and eventually the closing of the transaction. Furthermore, Levenbach Advocaten is involved on a regular basis in management buy-outs and buy-ins. Our firm can also assist you on tax matters.

Forms of cooperation / Joint ventures

Agreements with business partners have important legal, fiscal and financial consequences.

When it comes to a long-term cooperation, it is important to be able to receive astute legal assistance from the outset. Levenbach Advocaten advises on forms of cooperation such as shareholders’ agreements and joint ventures. Questions regarding the financing of company’s activities, management and policy as well as share transfers require clear answers, properly recorded, in order to prevent future problems. Levenbach Advocaten has all the relevant legal and corporate expertise to do exactly that.

Insolvency law

A bankruptcy – whether looming or in fact taking place – can be a disaster for the parties concerned. However, the pain can be eased considerably with the right legal assistance. In such an event it is absolutely essential to take proper legal action as soon as possible. However, it is almost always the case that employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers take too much time in doing so.

Levenbach Advocaten has many years of practical experience in dealing with contracting parties who are on the brink of insolvency. Levenbach Advocaten can realize the re-launching of a company after a bankruptcy in a clear and if need be, creative way.

The firm’s partners and other lawyers also act as administrators and trustees for large and/or cross-border moratoriums and bankruptcies. Because of this, they have relevant and detailed knowledge of insolvency situations, reorganizations and financing arrangements.

Corporate law

It is important for any newly established company to have a solid legal structure. What arrangements have been made regarding the relationship between the shareholders and management? Who is liable when something goes wrong? Are the currently valid rules for corporate governance being complied with? And, equally important, is the structure sufficiently tax efficient? We can give you sound advice on all these matters. Levenbach Advocaten can be of equal service to you when it comes to partnerships and their organization and structure.

Real estate law

Real estate forms an important part of individual assets as well as company assets. Where take-overs are concerned real estate often plays a role.

Levenbach Advocaten is expert in real estate law, which includes property development, rent law, construction law, purchase, sale and lease of property. We advise both Dutch and international property companies as well as wealthy individuals where real estate is concerned. We also have much experience in restructuring property portfolios and in the supervision of building projects. We work closely with expert civil law notaries.

Labour law

A job for life has become an anachronism. In order to prevent employees and employers from having sleepless nights both during and after the working relationship, it is essential to have mutually conclusive arrangements.

Our firm possesses all relevant knowledge and experience regarding labour conflicts or their prevention. Our labour law specialists can also advise whether a reorganisation needs to take place. They work together with our corporate law specialists, expertly supervising all aspects of the reorganisation.

Commercial agreements

Within our firm we have very specific and valuable practical expertise regarding national and international licensing and distribution agreements. In particular, our firm advises internationally operating companies on competition law and contractual matters which are so important to the sale of products and services within Europe.

In our firm, drafting a contract starts with a careful analysis of the purpose of the agreement. We will discuss the possibilities and pitfalls with the client, both from a practical and a legal point of view. The formation of an agreement can thus take place most efficiently and with maximum results: an understandable document offering clarity regarding working arrangements and the possible liabilities.

Practice Areas




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