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COVID-19: Force Majeure Clauses and the Doctrine of Frustration of Contract - Loopstra Nixon

COVID-19: Electronic Signatures and Formal Requirements - Loopstra Nixon

Policyholders See New Developments in COVID-19 Case Law - Gould & Ratner

Mr. Biden Goes to Washington (Again): How Will the Next Administration Help Businesses Combat COVID-19? - Gould & Ratner

Force majeure and COVID-19 – is the pandemic enough? - Holding Redlich

COVID Workplace Safety Just Got Stricter: Cal/OSHA's New Emergency Standard for California Employers - Procopio

New York State’s Cluster Action Initiative - Phillips Lytle

New York State Announces New COVID-19 Travel Protocols Allowing Out-of-State Travelers to “Test Out” of the State’s Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine - Phillips Lytle

Are Your Trade Secrets Protected—Legally and Technically—in the COVID-19 Era? - Procopio

More Hope for Insureds Experiencing COVID-19 Losses - Gould & Ratner

REMOTE EMPLOYER BLOG: Winter is Upon Us – What’s Next? - Gould & Ratner

The catch-22 for directors amidst Covid-19 - Lindsays

How has Covid-19 changed the way we litigate in Scotland? - Lindsays

Phillips Lytle LLP Labor & Employment Client Alert - CDC Broadens COVID-19 “Close Contact” Guidelines - Phillips Lytle

COVID-19 and the virtual courtroom – is technology friend or foe? - Holding Redlich

COVID-19 and its impact on manufacturing supply chains – force majeure? - Holding Redlich

Video witnessing of Wills now legal as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - Hewitsons

Covid-19 and Business Immigration - Update (October 7, 2020) - Hewitsons

Foreign investors still flocking to Scots commercial property market, despite virus crisis – Lindsays

The point of return: key questions that charities must ask building landlords – Lindsays

Planning for redundancy to minimise stress and potential tribunal claims – Lindsays

Mergers may offer charities best chance of survival post pandemic – Lindsays

Is homeworking a quick fix or a longer-term option? – Lindsays

5 Things You Need to Know About the Recent Illinois Ruling on Force Majeure and COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

Best Practices for Coping With Project Modifications, Suspension and Termination During the Age of COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

Main Street Lending Program Now Provides Opportunities for Nonprofits – Gould & Ratner

The Complex Web of Employment Law Regulations Expands: The Latest COVID-19 Considerations for Massachusetts Employers – Morse

Federal Reserve Publishes Initial Listing of Lenders Accepting New Business Customers Under the Main Street Lending Program – Morse 

Federal Reserve Announces that the Main Street Lending Program is Fully Operational – Morse

PPP Application Period Ends; Treasury Department Releases Revised Forgiveness Application Forms and Revises Regulatory Standards Related to PPP Loan Forgiveness – Morse

KIAP lawyers secured the enforcement of the Vienna International Arbitration Center’s arbitral award in Italy during the lockdown – KIAP

Colleges and Universities Tracking Prospective and Current Students Raises Data Privacy Concerns – Phillips Lytle

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Issues New Guidance for International Students Attending U.S. Colleges and Universities – Phillips Lytle

Employer Compliance with the Privacy Requirements During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Phillips Lytle

Commentary: Despite clarification, questions remain on effect of NY’s travel advisory on paid sick leave – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19: Companies House Services Update – Hewitsons

Providing for the younger generation – Hewitsons

Proposed California Legislation Promising for Business Insurance Policy Owners Dealing With COVID-19 – Procopio

The effects of the corona crisis on the real estate market – Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven

Corona and the rental market – Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven

Corona vs Creditors – Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven

COVID-19: Some Lessons Learnt for Hotel Owners – Anjarwalla Collins & Haidermota

The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act: What You Need to Know – Hutchison

Public Meetings and Public Hearings in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond – Phillips Lytle

Cook County Assessor Seeks to Reduce Assessed Property Values – Gould & Ratner

Once COVID-19 is Contained: Visioning What’s Next For Offices and White Collar Businesses – Gould & Ratner

Illinois Businesses Must Adhere to Restore Illinois Phase 3 Safety Guidelines – Gould & Ratner

How One Small Business Is Staying a Cut Above Upon Reopening – Gould & Ratner

More Flexibility for Updated Paycheck Protection Program Rules – Gould & Ratner

Building a Better Box by Thinking Outside of It: Insurance Issues Facing the Construction Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond – Gould & Ratner

EEOC Updates Pandemic Workplace Guidance – Gould & Ratner

SBA New Loan Forgiveness Applications Released, More Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act – Gould & Ratner

IRS Issues Taxpayer-Friendly Regulations on Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges – Gould & Ratner

OSHA Publishes Guidance on Returning to Work – Morse

Trademark Office Offers Accelerated Examination for COVID-19-Related Trademark Applications – Morse

OSHA Publishes FAQs on Face Coverings in the Workplace – Morse

Federal Reserve Main Street Lending Program Update: Open for Lender Registration – Morse

EEOC Updates COVID-19-Related Employer Guidance – Morse

Federal Reserve Expands the Main Street Lending Program – Morse

Payroll Protection Program Flexibility Act Passes: Congress Fundamentally Changes PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules – Morse

Federal Reserve Provides Additional Guidance on the Main Street Lending Relief Program: Program Slated to Commence in the Near Term – Morse

EEOC Updates COVID-19-Related Employer Guidance on Antibody Testing – Morse

Post Emergency Leave Recalls  – Loopstra Nixon

Covid-19 : Could the fall-out of the pandemic fuel the revolution in employee ownership? – Lindsays

Covid-19 : Charities are warned to be aware of extra building costs – Lindsays

Covid-19 : Updated furlough scheme – Key points from the changes announced on 12 June – Lindsays

Covid-19 : Increased service charges faced by businesses in multi-occupancy buildings – Lindsays

Covid-19 : Current court procedures and accessibility for individuals and businesses – Lindsays

Covid-19 : Advice for company directors – Lindsays

Covid-19 : How to comply with data protection regulations when homeworking – Lindsays

Flexible Furloughing under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – Hewitsons

COVID-19 and business interruption insurance: Can an outdated exclusion clause still exclude? – Holding Redlich

Employee Privacy and Complying With the U.S. Department of Labor’s Revised Enforcement Guidance for Employers’ Recording Work-Related COVID-19 Cases – Philips Lytle

Opportunities During and After COVID-19: A Legal Perspective – Philips Lytle

As Western New York Reopens, Businesses Should Take Steps to Protect Themselves in the Event of Litigation – Philips Lytle

Protecting Against Workplace Fraud in the COVID-19 Era – Philips Lytle

Charting a Course Through the COVID-19 Debt Landscape – Philips Lytle

Employee Privacy and Complying With the U.S. Department of Labor’s Revised Enforcement Guidance for Employers’ Recording Work-Related COVID-19 Cases – Philips Lytle

Estate & Tax Planning Opportunities During COVID-19 – Loopstra Nixon

Opportunities During and After COVID-19: A Legal Perspective – Phillips Lytle

OSHA Updated Response Plan and Updated Reporting Requirements for COVID-19 – Morse

DOL Issues New Final Rule on Fluctuating Workweek Calculations – Morse

Massachusetts Office Spaces Are Authorized to Re-Open: A Report From the Field – Morse

PPP Update: Treasury Department Releases New Regulations Related to PPP Forgiveness – Morse

Treasury Department Releases PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Form: Technical Aspects of PPP Loan Forgiveness Explained, But Questions Remain – Morse

Massachusetts Governor Announces Phase 1 of Re-Opening Plan: Certain Non-Essential Businesses are Authorized to Recommence Operations Today – Morse

Paycheck Protection Program Update: What the Question 46 Guidance Means for Recipients of PPP Loans Under $2 Million – Morse

Treasury Department Announces Safe Harbor for PPP Borrowers with Loans of Under $2 Million – Morse

Massachusetts Governor Outlines Four-Phase Re-Opening Plan – Morse

EEOC Issues Guidelines with Respect to COVID-19 “Higher Risk” Employees – Morse

EEOC Announces Delay in EEO Data Collections – Morse

USPTO Announces COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program – Morse

Federal Reserve Main Street Lending Program – Morse

CDC Recommends New Workplace Sanitation Standards – Morse

A Roadmap for the Re-Opening of the Massachusetts Economy is Offered – A Slow, Phased Re-Opening is Anticipated – Morse

California Governor Expands Workers Compensation Benefits to Employees Diagnosed With COVID-19 – Procopio

Obtain COVID-19-Related Patents Fast… At No Additional Cost! – Procopio

USPTO Further Extends Certain Patent Filing Guidelines – Procopio

CARES Act and New Court Rules Impose Further Restrictions on Evictions – Procopio

Beware the Siren Song of the PPP – Procopio

SBA Eases the Minds of Borrowers Concerned about the PPP “Necessity” Provision

Navigating the Great Pause: Assessing Your Situation, Money and Legal Resources – Hutchison

What Comes Next: Visualizing the Future After the Great Pandemic of 2020 – Part 1 – Gould & Ratner

What Comes Next: Visualizing the Future After the Great Pandemic of 2020 – Part 2 – Gould & Ratner

What Comes Next: Visualizing the Future After the Great Pandemic of 2020 – Part 3 – Gould & Ratner

Employer Considerations on Returning to the Workplace in the Age of COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

M&A Agreement Updates for COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

EEOC Updates Pandemic Workplace Guidance – Gould & Ratner

One Month Into PPP: How to Maximize Forgiveness and Ensure Compliance – Gould & Ratner

DOL Provides Additional FAQs Regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act – Gould & Ratner

Building a Better Box by Thinking Outside of It: Construction Issues and Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond – Gould & Ratner

IRS Issues COVID-19 Cafeteria Plan Guidance for Employers – Gould & Ratner

Construction Projects Impacted by COVID-19? – Gould & Ratner

SBA Dispenses More Info for Maximizing PPP Forgiveness – Gould & Ratner

Chicago Passes COVID-19 Anti-Retaliation Ordinance – Gould & Ratner

Building a Better Box by Thinking Outside of It: Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Engineering and Construction Industry – Gould & Ratner

The Dotted Line: How Will Clients Approach Contracts Post-Pandemic? – Gould & Ratner

COVID-10: AGM’s During Lockdown – An update – Hewitsons

Returning to the Workplace After Lockdown: Employment Issues and Practical Steps – Hewitsons

Returning to Training of Athletes FOllowing the Partial Release of Lockdown – Hewitsons

Impact of COVID-19 on Legal Education – Hewitsons

COVID-19: Companies House Services – A Practical Update – Hewitsons

Fast-tracking construction & infrastructure projects through COVID-19 – Holding Redlich

New York State Businesses Must Comply With COVID-19 Reopening Requirements – Phillips Lytle

Labor and Employment Update – Reopening in New York State – Phillips Lytle

Class Actions Taking Aim at Paycheck Protection Program Lenders – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19: Every Commercial Lease Is Under Review – Phillips Lytle

The Risks of Enforcement Activity Regarding New York State’s COVID-19 Executive Orders – Phillips Lytle

Small Businesses: The New Likely Target of False Claims Act Liability for CARES Act Fraud – Phillips Lytle

DOL Provides Additional Guidance on Families First Coronavirus Response Act – Gould & Ratner

Executive Orders’ Impact on Construction Activities During COVID-19 Crisis – Gould & Ratner

Commercial Tenant Evictions Limited by Latest Executive Orders – Gould & Ratner

One Month Into PPP: How to Maximize Forgiveness and Ensure Compliance – Gould & Ratner

OSHA, Illinois Issue Safety Measures for Construction, Other Essential Businesses – Gould & Ratner

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Adopts “Rebuttable Presumption” Rule of Evidence – Gould & Ratner

Employee Temperature Screenings During COVID-19: What Employers Need to Know – Gould & Ratner

Employer Safety Guidance for Manufacturing Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

Identifying and Managing Construction Risks During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

Amendment to CARES Act Set to Revive Paycheck Protection Program with More Much-Needed Relief for Small Businesses – Gould & Ratner

OSHA Releases Further Guidance on Reporting and Recording COVID-19 Cases – Gould & Ratner

EEOC Updates Pandemic Workplace Guidance – Gould & Ratner

Illinois Implements Federal Stimulus Package Unemployment Benefits – Gould & Ratner

Rent Relief Considerations for Commercial Landlords During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

How the SBA’s Affiliation Rules May Affect Your Loan Eligibility for COVID-19 Economic Relief – Gould & Ratner

IRS Automatically Postpones Additional Payment, Filing Deadlines to July 15 – Gould & Ratner

Key CARES Act Mid-Sized Business Loan Programs Limit Executive Compensation, Protect Labor Organizing – Gould & Ratner

IRS Extends Deadlines for 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges – Gould & Ratner

New Main Street Lending Program Offers More Relief for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses – Gould & Ratner

CDC Issues Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Employers in Non-Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure Sectors – Gould & Ratner

Coming Soon: CARES Act Relief for Mid-Sized Businesses – Gould & Ratner

DOL Issues Rule and Additional Q&As on Families First Act Leave – Gould & Ratner

CDC Recommends Use of Cloth Face Masks – Gould & Ratner

Be Prepared: What to Do When a Customer or Vendor Files for Bankruptcy Protection – Gould & Ratner

A Guide to Electronic Witnessing and Notarization – Gould & Ratner

Guide to SBA Loan Offerings during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

Federal Gift and GST Tax Returns and Payments Due Date Delayed Until July 15 – Gould & Ratner

IRS Issues COVID-19 Tax Credit Details and Instructions – Gould & Ratner

Illinois to Implement Expanded Unemployment Benefits Under the CARES Act – Gould & Ratner

COVID-19 Disaster Relief Payments to Employees Not Considered Taxable Income by IRS – Gould & Ratner

Businesses Adapting to COVID-19 During and After the Crisis – Gould & Ratner

U.S. Department of Labor Issues Supplemental Q&A on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act – Gould & Ratner

CARES Act Provides Tax Relief to Individuals, Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

COVID-19 Considerations for Retirement Plans During the Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

COVID-19 Labor Updates: How measures are evolving due to the Mexican Government’s Sanitary Emergency Declaration due to Force Majeure – DiazIgareda

KIAP has launched the Covid-19 Legal Helpdesk – KIAP

Covid-19 : Conversation is at the core of successful commercial lease negotiations – Lindsays

Covid-19: Firms risk insolvency without correct legal safeguards – Lindsays

Covid-19: UK Government £30m pledge to Scottish charities announced – Lindsays

Covid-19 Government support for vital start-up community is welcomed – Lindsays

Covid-19 Legal support hub – Lindsays

IP roundup: Key steps for brand owners during COVID-19 and recent trade mark disputes in Australia – Holding Redlich

OAIC guidance on managing employee and visitor health information during COVID-19 – Holding Redlich

Protecting Your Online Business and Assets In The Age of COVID-19 – Procopio

New Extended Stay-At-Home Restrictions in Six San Francisco Bay Area Counties May Be Useful Predictor of Future Measures By Other Counties And The State Of California – Procopio

Emergency Moratorium on Evictions Takes Effect In The City Of San Diego – Procopio

California Governor Authorizes Expansion of Health Care Workforce And Facilities – Procopio

Tax Benefits Announced: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, And Economic Security Act (H.R. 748), What Every Individual and Corporate Taxpayer Needs To Know Now – Procopio

CARES Act Provides USPTO Discretion to Extend Certain Patent And Trademark Filing Deadlines – Procopio

Business Assistance Funds Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act – Procopio

CMS Approves Additional Medicaid Section 1135 Waivers In Light of COVID-19 – Procopio

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201) And Related Tax Credits: What Employers Need to Know Before April 1, 2020 – Procopio

Interim Final Rule Issued For Paycheck Protection Program – Procopio

California Relaxes Telehealth Services Rules in Light of COVID-19 – Procopio

USPTO Extends Certain Patent Filing Deadlines – Procopio

IRS Grants Much-Anticipated Section 1031 Extensions – Procopio

Avoiding Litigation While Resolving Disputes: Commercial Contract Challenges During Covid-19 – Procopio

Considerations for Angel And VV Funded Startups And Emerging Growth Companies Considering A Loan Under The Paycheck Protection Program – Procopio

Post-Quarantine Workplace: A Return-to-Work Guide – Morse

Surviving as a Tenant In the Age of Coronavirus: A Checklist – Morse

Practical Strategies for Venture and Private Equity Backed Businesses Considering PPP Loans – Morse

A Plain Language Guide to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (“CARES”) Act – Morse

COVID-19 Update: Changes to the Companies House strike off procedure – Hewitsons

COVID-19 and the implications for business immigration – Hewitsons

COVID-19: Business survival tactics – Hewitsons

Virtual Witnessing of Wills Permitted on Ontario Under a COVID-19 Emergency Order – Loopstra Nixon

COVID-19 Relief Task Force Bulletin: March 27-April 1 Update – Loopstra Nixon

Alternative Sources of Financing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business – Loopstra Nixon

Business Interruption and Contractual Nonperformance: Force Majeure – Hutchison

Business Interruption and Contractual Nonperformance: Uniform Commercial Code Article 2 – Hutchison

Business Interruption and Contractual Nonperformance: Common Law Principles of Frustration, Impracticability and Impossibility – Hutchison

Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist – Hutchison

The Paycheck Protection Program – Hutchison

DOL Issues Additional Guidance, Including Small Business Exemption from Paid Family Leave Requirements – Hutchison

CARES Act Key Business Tax Relief and Changes to Qualified Plans – Hutchison

SBA Issues Additional Guidance for Self-Employed Individuals and PPP Borrowers Taxed as Partnerships – Hutchinon

Rethinking “Necessity” – SBA Provides Additional Guidance and Amnesty in Latest FAQs – Hutchison

Privacy Compliance During COVID-19 – Phillips Lytle (Law 360)

Federal and New York State COVID-19 Sick Leave Laws Update – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19: CARES Act Telecom Initiatives and Telehealth Program – Phillips Lytle

Guidance on New York State Executive Orders 202.11 and 202.13 – Phillips Lytle

Insurance Amid COVID-19: Is Your Business Eligible for Coverage? – Phillips Lytle

CARES Act Expands Unemployment Insurance Benefits – Phillips Lytle

The CARES Act: Historic, Wide-Ranging Economic Relief and Stabilization – Phillips Lytle

EPA Enforcement Discretion Policy in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic – Phillips Lytle

New York State Executive Orders Facilitate the Provision of Health Care Services – Phillips Lytle

EPA Issues Interim Guidance for Site Field Work Decisions Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate Industry – Phillips Lytle

Guidance for Responding to the Novel Coronavirus in the Workplace – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19: Legal Considerations for Maintaining Business Continuity – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19: Important Labor & Employment Updates – Phillips Lytle

Updated Guidance on New York State Executive Orders Mandating In-Person Workforce Reductions – Phillips Lytle

COVID-19: Application of New York State Executive Order 202.6 Mandating In-Person Workforce Reductions – Phillips Lytle

GLO Alert — PRC Contract Performance During the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic – GLO

Compliance with Privacy Obligations for Health Care Providers and Employers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic – Phillips Lytle

Insurance for COVID-19 Losses; Could There be Coverage Hidden in your Insurance Policy?- Procopio

HIPAA: Disclosure of PHI during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Procopio

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Procopio

Preserving Construction Claims in the Face of COVID-19 – Procopio

The Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Challenges California Employers – Procopio

Changing Spousal Support and Child Support During the COVID-19 Crisis – Procopio

Recommended Employer Response to the Coronavirus – Morse

Governor Issues Emergency Orders that Require Most MA Employers to Modify Business Operations – Morse

Force Majeure in Light of the Coronavirus Outbreak – Morse

Congress Adopts Emergency Paid Family Medical Leave and Sick Time Standards; Contemplates Payroll Tax Deductions and Cash Payments to Offset Employer Costs – Morse

Resources for Employers Managing the Impact of COVID-19 – Morse

State and Federal COVID-19 Small Business Loan Programs – Morse

Coronavirus Response Updated for Employers – Morse

COVID-19: HHS Secretary Issues Medicare Telehealth Waivers – Phillips Lytle

Coronavirus Advice – Hewitsons

COVID-19: Next Steps for Businesses – Hewitsons

Force Majeure and COVID-19- What You Need to Know – Holding Redlich

COVID-19 – A ‘Taxing’ Time for Everyone – Holding Redlich

The Impact of Coronavirus on Construction: How to Prepare – Gould & Ratner

Important Reminders for Employers when Handling COVID-19 Concerns – Gould & Ratner

U.S. House Passes Families First Coronavirus Response Act – Gould & Ratner

In-Depth Update: The Impact of COVID-19 on Construction – Best Practices for Coping – Gould & Ratner

How COVID-19 Can Impact Commercial Leases – Gould & Ratner

COVID-19 and Commercial Disputes: Some Practical Considerations – Gould & Ratner

Federal Income Tax Payment Deadline Extended for 90 Days Beyond April 15 – Gould & Ratner

Updated: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act – What You Need to Know – Gould & Ratner

Preparing for a Construction Project Shutdown During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

Illinois Gov. Pritzker’s “Stay Home” Order: The Impact on Construction – Gould & Ratner

City of Chicago Confirms Construction as Essential Infrastructure, Exempt from Stay Home Order – Gould & Ratner

Update: Federal Income Tax Filing Deadline Moved to July 15 – Gould & Ratner

FAQs for Employers During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Gould & Ratner 

How to Work Remotely and Securely During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Gould & Ratner

DHS Defers Form 1-9 Physical Inspection Requirement Due to COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

Some Employers Eligible for Reimbursement of Employee Paid Leave Related to COVID-19 – Gould & Ratner

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