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LEI Enforcing Foreign Judgments Publication

1 June 2022

LawExchange International is always finding ways to bolster the bonds between its member firms. By strengthening these relationships, member firms can work together as a cohesive unit to provide seamless cross-border solutions, no matter where they arise.

The 2022 Guide to Enforcing Judgments is the first publication of its kind in the network’s history. Thirteen member firms contributed to the publication and bringing it together involved hours of hard work on the part of the contributors and the editor-in-chief. Through this process, the member firms regularly communicated with one another on the substance of the publication and the overall look of the document.

This will be the first of many more to come and we welcome any of our member firms’ lawyers who are ready to take the initiative on the next one!

A big thank you to the editor-in-chief, Christophe Shammas from Loopstra Nixon LLP, who was instrumental in organizing and bringing this publication together.

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