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Guide to Enforcing Foreign Judgments

In an increasingly globalized world, it is extremely important to understand what is involved in enforcing judgments against foreign assets. Given that there is no global system for enforcing a judgment, one often has to seek recourse in multiple jurisdictions and be aware of the different requirements in these jurisdictions.

Our network is pleased to publish the inaugural “Guide to Enforcing Foreign Judgments”. The publication includes contributions by thirteen of LEI’s member firms and provides a summary of the law respecting enforcing foreign judgments in various jurisdictions across the globe. The guide shows how LEI’s member firms can offer client access to industry-leading lawyers to serve their needs worldwide.

A big thank you to the editor-in-chief, Christophe Shammas from Loopstra Nixon LLP, who was instrumental in organizing and bringing this publication together.

The publication can be found at this link.

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