Membership Benefits

Competing in a global marketplace is challenging. Business is moving faster and farther, and for law firms, retaining clients and obtaining new clients is becoming increasingly difficult.

LawExchange International is a dynamic association of independent law firms covering the world’s major commercial centres within Europe, North and South America, the Asia/Pacific and the Middle East – coverage that translates to immediate access to trusted, local legal counsel across the globe for member firms and their clients.

Membership in LawExchange International gives law firms a competitive advantage by expanding their global resources to better serve clients.

Membership benefits according to our members:

  • The expanded ability to serve and retain clients through fast access to legal counsel around the world
  • The increased ability to compete for new clients with other local and global law firms
  • The ability to enhance marketplace profile through association with an invitation-only global network
  • The opportunity to share knowledge and best practices with like-minded, non-competing law firms; members maintain close professional and personal relationships through LawExchange International conferences two times per year and regular communication throughout the year.

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