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5 Must-Have Documents When Hiring (or Firing) an Employee

You didn’t go into business to be sued, but too often litigation consumes a major part of a business executive’s days (and nights). While nothing can guarantee the avoidance of a lawsuit, there are five documents every business should have to lessen the risk. Let’s walk through the employment process and learn what those documents are.

Job Description

So you’re looking to hire someone? Congratulations! Did you know the job description is a critically important document? Ideally it describes the tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities of a position, in particular its essential functions. Defining essential functions provides one of the best ways for evaluating an employee’s request for an accommodation for a disability, potentially avoiding a disability discrimination lawsuit. A job description should also include clear language stating whether a position is exempt from state or federal overtime laws, and also language that clearly supports that exempt/nonexempt classification. Employees and their supervisors should sign a receipt acknowledging they have received their job description.

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