Are Ubers drivers considered to be workers?

urther to our previous articles on the Uber case (Aslam, Farrar & Others v Uber), the Court of Appeal has considered on appeal whether Uber drivers are workers (rather than self-employed) and entitled to basic employment rights. The judgment was published on 19 December 2018.


With the growing number of varied working arrangements being used by employers, clarifying whether someone is a worker or not can often be difficult.

The term ‘worker’ encompasses employees and individuals without a contract of employment, who provide services to an employer personally and are economically dependent on the employer’s business. Determining whether an individual is a worker is crucial to establishing entitlement to the following rights:

  1. protection from unlawful deduction from wages;

  2. national Minimum Wage (NMW); and

  3. paid annual leave.

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