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Australian online gambling reform: Extraterritorial reach

Online gambling in Australia, whether offered by providers located in Australia or offshore, is regulated at a Federal level under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (Cth) 2001 (IGA). Many reviews have been undertaken over time by the Australian Government in relation to gambling, including online gambling. The most recent review was the 2015 review of the IGA by the then Minister for Social Services, which was overseen by Barry O’Farrell (O’Farrell Review). The O’Farrell Review considered methods to strengthen enforcement of the IGA and looked at the economic impacts of illegal offshore gambling, comparable international regulatory regimes, other technological and legislative options to limit illegal offshore wagering and the efficacy of different regimes to protect consumers. The recommendations of the O’Farrell Review, which concluded that governments should aim to reduce the scope of illegal offshore gambling and minimise associated harms, by taking a number of decisive steps, were largely accepted by the Australian Government.     Click here to read full article.

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