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Female Founders: Would you use this Life Hack?

Fortune’s blog “The World’s Most Powerful Women” by Claire Zillman, recently highlighted the story of two female founders who invented a fake third (and male) co-founder to avoid the gender bias they experienced in business. The women reported faster response times to their communications when sent from their fake co-founder and easier access to proactive help for their fledgling company.

While we can’t know for sure if the addition of a fake male co-founder to all-female teams was the tipping point for this particular startup, it poses an interesting question as to whether women should try this life hack to avoid gender bias, or whether by trying it, we undermine female-led companies and all women in business?

While it may be an interesting social experiment to have a male avatar, the majority of female business people I spoke with about the blog post said they prefer to focus on business rather than gender to get ahead.

View the entire article here.

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