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Holding Redlich: 2018 year in review – the top issues and where to next

As 2018 rapidly draws to a close, our practice group experts take a magnifying glass to the top issues from the year – and outline what they expect to dominate in 2019.

We examine the key issues in:

  1. Competition & Consumer: A review of the ACCC’s actions this year in relation to its 2018 enforcement priorities

  2. Construction & Infrastructure: A year of increased regulation and transition

  3. Corporate & Commercial: Crackdown on Australian Consumer Law breaches gather steam

  4. Data & Privacy: Acronym of the year: GDPR – will it last through 2019?

  5. Procurement: New national modern slavery laws and legal challenge for government tenders at the top of the agenda

  6. Property & Real Estate: Changes to off-the-plan sales; Airbnb update

  7. Technology, Media & Communications: A Christmas present from the ACCC: The preliminary report on the Digital Platforms Inquiry

  8. Transport, Shipping & Logistics: Heavy vehicle safety and Chain of Responsibility, transport surcharges, and port infrastructure development and security

  9. Taxation: A number of key taxation law developments and changes implemented or proposed that affect businesses and companies

  10. Workplace Relations & Safety: This year has seen a significant focus on casual employees in the Australian workplace, raising more questions than has been answered

View entire article here.

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