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LEI – An Ever Expanding Universe

by Fred Tannenbaum, Gould & Ratner, Chicago, Chairman of Expansion Committee

Stephen Hawking, who hailed from Cambridge UK which is also the site of the big bang creation of LawExchange International (“LEI”), observed that the universe must keep expanding or else collapse on itself.  So must LEI.

Thanks to many of you, we have been able to witness great growth over the past decade, with over 34 countries represented. At the upcoming meeting we hope to admit our next member, GLO, from China.

Our goal is to be big enough to cover at least 80% of the world’s GDP yet small enough that we maintain the intimacy, friendship and deep knowledge of each member, which would be lost if we admitted too many members. To attain this goal, we still have a few more countries to add to our impressive assortment of celestial stars.

We have targeted several prime areas of expansion in which to focus– Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Texas, Miami and Seattle, among others.

Our best source of finding new members has always been and will continue to be word of mouth. If you meet someone, or have a matter with someone from one of these countries, or consider others to be important, please reach out and see if they might be interested in learning more about membership in LEI. This is the best way to grow and a great reason that our universe continues to expand and not turn into a black hole.

With the help of all of you, we will continue to be a world class organization of mid-sized, efficient and mostly full service firms, big enough to handle most of our clients’ needs across the world, but small enough to offer practical advice at reasonable rates and with friendly and caring service. Just as Coldplay sang about a “sky full of stars,” LEI can, with your help, continue to add some radiant and bright new firms.

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