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Overview of competition law in the UAE

The first anti-trust and competition legislation was introduced in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) in October, 2012 through the publication of the UAE Federal Law No 4 of 2012 on the Regulation of Competition (the “2012 Law”) and has been in force since 23rd February, 2013. The primary aim of 2012 Law is to promote and protect competition in the UAE.

The following regulations were subsequently introduced to set out the procedure and application of the 2012 Law:

  1. The Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 37 of 2014, Concerning the Executive Regulation of the Federal Law No 4 of 2012 on the Regulation of Competition (the “2014 Regulations”); and

  2. The Cabinet Decree No 13 of 2016 on Ratios and Regulatory Controls related to Application of UAE Federal Law No 4 of 2012 for the Regulation of Competition and the Cabinet Resolution No 22 of 2016 concerning the small and medium enterprise organisations (collectively the “2016 Regulations”).

(The 2012 Law, 2014 Regulations and the 2016 Regulations are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Competition Law”)

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