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Privacy Regulations Proposed for CCPA by CA Attorney General

With the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) set to take effect January 1, 2020, the California Attorney General’s office finally issued long-awaited regulations on October 10, 2019. The CCPA creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information collected by businesses. Of interest to any company doing business in California, the proposed regulations impose a number of new requirements not contained within the CCPA.

The CCPA, signed into law in 2018, tasked the Attorney General with adopting regulations on key areas of the law. On October 10 the Attorney General published the proposed regulations and will hold a series of public hearings in December 2019 to solicit public comments.

While intended to operationalize the CCPA and provide clarity and specificity to businesses implementing the law, the following highlights some of the more significant new obligations imposed on businesses by the proposed regulations. [Please also see our articles on CCPA notice requirements and the challenge of confirming identity of consumers making personal data requests.]

Read the full article here.

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