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Tackling discrimination by Aberdeen University Students’ Association

Lindsays aids the further advancement of equality law in Aberdeen University Students’ Association case

On the back of successfully supporting a group that was refused affiliation by the Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council earlier in the year, Lindsays’ Partner, Brent Haywood has now assisted the Aberdeen Life Ethics Society (ALES) who were also refused affiliation by the Aberdeen University Students’ Association (AUSA) because of their pro-life beliefs.

After engagement, AUSA has now suspended its ‘pro-choice’ policy which was passed by the Student Council in 2017.  In a FAQ posted on its website this week the AUSA explained that the suspension was in place while the Student Council takes the opportunity to “rephrase the problematic wording to bring the policy in line with the relevant legislation”.

Meanwhile, in a reversal, the Aberdeen Life Ethics Society has now been affiliated to the AUSA.  As we said in a previous insight, student groups need to consider more carefully the obligations that they owe to their members under equality law.

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