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Things You Need to Know About the New Assumed Business Name Law

Effective on December 1, 2017, a new North Carolina law created a public, state-wide database of assumed business names, which will simplify filing assumed business name certificates. An assumed business name is not the legal name of a business; rather, it is the name a business presents to the public. An assumed name is also called a fictious name or a “doing business as” name. For example, a business incorporated as “Jameson Moving, Inc.” might have a d/b/a of “Jameson & Daughters Moving.”

Under the new law, you no longer have to file an assumed business name certificate with the register of deeds of every county in which you do business. Instead, you can simply file a certificate of assumed name (on a revised form prescribed by the new law) with a single register of deeds in any county in which you do business. On that form, you can specify all of the other counties in which you do business and avoid having to file in each county.

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