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Aspirational Attributes to Being and Staying an “A” Lawyer

Abraham Lincoln said that “[i]n war, both sides think that God is with them. Both may be wrong but only one may be right.” Like Lincoln’s wartime adversaries, most lawyers I know think that they are at the pinnacle of their profession and that alone will drive clients to their door. I have no such delusions about my own skill, but as both a seller and buyer of legal services for over 30 years, I have thought long and hard about what makes a truly great lawyer and what attracts clients to them. More importantly, I wonder what clients think makes a great lawyer and why they hire and stay with the lawyer. This article is intended to offer some ideas on how to be a truly “A” class lawyer, attract new clients, and ultimately enhance the experience for the client while also elevating the view of lawyers in the eyes of the client and society as a whole.

Read the full article here.

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